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Go to the Sennheiser Service Center first and identify the problem

More than just high-quality products, Sennheiser supplies Sennheiser to its customers.  So definitely audio devices also. We recommend this when using the brand to produce.

Jun is not only familiar with production, the technician Jun has a company license. With its conscientious products also. It is unlikely that the technical staff will be disappointed

With Sennheiser service center, full spare parts also. Its easy components are also easy to suffer, and its quality is also suitable. One of the good is willing to be cheap, and he is also a good.

If you go to the Sennheiser service center, you  must first determine whether the product is true or not. Or the user does not know that the goods are in good condition. Here’s how to recognize headphones.

Go to Sennheiser Service Center to recognize headphones

Before pressing the button to change, please observe the original. Or apps for other devices, mobile phone sound sources. With its first headphones, it can also be used often

You can use wired headphones to shuffle Bluetooth headsets. Finally, try to install something else, if any. As usual, the HEA phone is in good condition. If things are bad, you must look for a king

If the headset cannot be plugged into Android, it is often easiest to repair first, and the child must check the manual first. Cover the first use of headphones self-entering pairing type also

The device does not have a HEA mobile phone, then read the manual to obtain the data pairing  type  and the headset must press the power button for a few seconds However, there must be a control center, there is an operation

So early  acquaintances

There are  Headphones that can be connected, and some cannot. Therefore, it is advisable to set or pair the device from  the beginning  to disconnect it first, and then reflexively start at the beginning

One law breaks the homology earphone to  ensure that the mobile phone is not connected to the other earphone in the room. It is also self-affiliated to open the network when it is within the network limit. Delete old Bluetooth devices from your phone.

If you go to the Sennheiser service center first, if the battery is low, please charge the battery until the earphone is turned on while charging. The speed of absorption of this battery is also expected. Test connect and charge the battery before use

Both devices are compatible, and the cover headset is also available for quality improvement. Illustration of the latest devices with Bluetooth 5  0 often can receive more than 5.0 equipment However, there are also those who cannot be received, the latest mold Sennheiser service center, Please save it to ensure that the two are compatible

Seek distortion

If you can plug in a HEAdphone and do not produce good audio, then the music can be reduced to horizontal or wireless connection also. Before checking the troubleshooter, please check that the music source  is not attached

You should download the bitrate MP3. As soon as  the default  is set up, you  can not see the matter. Please make sure it is in good condition

Save other masalah, c oba jun closed, closed bluetooth, go to pair with headphone, closed phone, reebot, Then double pair from scratch

If you hear music in the room, you will be far away. There may be many obstacles  .  Use Wi-Fi and other networks.

If wireless wired EE is available, listen  with one earbud. But the Son will do it in a certain way. If you enter dual mode with 1 earbud Ketika, the two are also related.  Please refer  to  the manual for steps to listen with one earbud

For the best quality, Nick Rixin firmware. With the official application and the new firmware, the quality will be beneficial. It can also be solved with the companion app

If you have an app, please try closing and adding functions such as equalizer, noise reduction elsewhere or distortion. Junshu shun built-in sequences in the phone, such as Samsung Voice  Response

For good quality, electronic devices often use codec options that can  be opened and closed with HD audio codes. However, the two are improved by accessing audio with different codes  , please match the code

If you try the headset computer, there may be 2 types of Windows sound settings, 1 with stereo and 1 with telephone  Please close one of them to determine the sound quality of the headset  Forbidden, click the speaker icon, a point on the audio, to choose Headphones

Pair it with 1 earbud

First Sennheiser service center, you  use 1 earbud to  listen to music, and there is also a reconnection of the earbud to close when necessary, and then turn it on. Therefore, it will be tried between the two to get a restoration.

As I explained before, early models often had special fairings to listen to singles, and you may not be afraid to enter  the doubles

Try to delete it and pair it again in 1 or dual mode If you do not get the quality, please reverse  the manual to get the current use

This can be seen that the headphones and the headphones are also outside. If it is in use, please use it for good quality. If you have any questions about headphones, please contact the Sennheiser Service Center

If so, the Junxusen Heliser Service Center will ask  the nearest technician. To get n n ya, please get  customer service on  the Indonesia website.

Please submit a complaint and get close to the technician. Meet with the technician, please ask the complaint first. Then how much approximate cost and processing time will be required. When the cost is still affordable, you can solve it. However, when Baiya is no different from buying new, it is most suitable to buy new. Also attributed to the Sennheiser Service Center, the warranty is also in one place.




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