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One of West Java’s Staple Foods is Rice


 It would not be wrong to tell if one of West Java’s usual foods would look like the whole of Indonesia, probably because the region is still designated java island near the provincial capital, which is still considered a large area.


West Java itself has a city called Bandong Regency, renowned as a paradise for ordinary Sandanese culture. If you want to get a lot, it is often used as the best trip, and you can not only enjoy nature but also enjoy the delicious dish of West Java.


One of West Java’s Staple Foods is Rice


First there is Lankosan, which has a primary origin from the Siribon and Andramayu regions, but is currently well known outside the area. The side dishes have a major difference and are tampafu and bean flowers, which must be added to the quamba or onions to make it more stable.


It is  quite different  from one of West Java’s regular foods is the rose rice that is most suitable as a crowded diet.Anchovies Sumble It can be seen that there are plenty of side-by-side dishes, but it still tastes delicious because the rice is mixed with coconut milk.


In addition, there is a lower timbelson with rose with taste or characteristics, but here the difference is made using banana leaves in the process. Using banana leaves is becoming very useful for making the flavor more delicious, especially in appearance.


The taste or smell of banana leaves can actually increase our appetite so that feasts are always enjoyable. Although they only eat olive oil, even this tyndale list is known to taste good, so it should be a cost savings statistic because it is expensive but tasty.


Still, one of West Java’s main foods in the  form of rice is rice and comes from Tarsikamala, a West Java restaurant. Since it has already been found in the shop, it has no difficulty testing it; when you order it, you can obtain fish or dry foods.


Sweet carbohydrate food for additional energy


One of West Java’s most common foods is peuyeum, which is also incorrect because it is called the best fruit after visiting it. It comes from servers and gluttonous rice, then ferments it, and the pouium is very sweet and delicious, but it still tastes simultaneously.


Additionally, there is a galando made from coconut trees, which is actually originally from the Ciami family, and the galando itself is a rice produced from coconut oil production. It begins with a lot of throwaways, which it affectionately throws away, so it eventually cooks as a new food with a mixture of sugar or chocolate, which seems too good to eat.


Don’t miss it, you actually have to try Surabi, which has this list in various other Javanese regions too, but the difference is not just coconut or chocolate. There are interesting top pieces to choose from; even Surabi, which is sold in restaurants and cafes, has more distinctive top spots.


Gemblong is also among the best preparations from West Java, especially if you want soft drinks. It will also be dried until it is slightly brown and uniquely delicious, because it tastes good because it is added with palm sugar, and the flavor may be different from other sweet treats.


The latest sweet preparation is that in recent times there are places that are actually popular because it is infected with the virus. There was a content-maker who accidentally made the oio, which itself was made of flour and then dried and added soft drinks.


One of West Java’s Stpical Staple foods is projected meat and vegetables


If you have ordered the rice, it is recommended that you include the best sundin side dishes, such as Maranjie Satari of Ceramis. Before the fire, Maranji sarte would also pass through the voyage using a special yellow fragrance.


In addition to rice, meat or flour, vegetables must always be added to the Sandanese list, one of West Java’s most common foods, for example, this list is Hoggy. Keep in mind that it is not a paragraph: the carado is equipped with fresh vegetables and the best peanut-flavored vegetables to make the most peanut flavor and delicious.


This is quite different from vegetarian preparations; the vegetable is so delicious that it is more of a side dish for rice and rice cakes Not all of them, even boiled noodles will taste to eat using the lotech, and add crackers.


One of West Java’s common foods is that it doesn’t always have to be spicy or dry results, which is lonely Sandani.” You can choose a healthy version, although it proves you don’t have to be afraid of eating food, so if you order vegetables, your nutritional content is more balanced.


Another recommended preparation is Tofu Kupat with the addition of vegetables, which can be widely known because other states also have this kind of food. Self-selecting is whether the leaves are ripe or fresh, and you can also determine for yourself the level of vegetable tofucupus sauce.


Manufactured Nodel and Sotorik Grevy


So far in West Java there are also many soup dishes such as yellow Soto. Soto itself is very unusual because its colour is yellow And because it is not white or clear, it is equipped with sandan recipes and is often flexible in areas where meat or beef or beef can be used.


 Evidence of one of West Java’s basic foodstuffs is another sauto, proving that the thread soto list exists. It is also beneficial for the use of meat, and it is also a delicious thick soup after white meat, and according to the title, Soto is actually from the Bandung.


In addition to using a thick structure, there is another distinctive feature that uses ridery: vegetables can make soup fresher, but who Identity cannot be lost, especially if the ointment is filled, which will undoubtedly make the bundow soup more fresh.


There are also sotonodels that have another recommendation to be implemented in the form of Soto, which can also be used in other states, but the difference here is that the Sandan version uses a thicker bridge, as well as spices.


Finally, there is a recommendation for beef-flavored milk delis, and thin noodles are installed, and the uniqueness of the use of thick pants when cooking should not be forgotten, and more. There are also additional pieces of kikil to make it more stable, especially when added by chili sauce, a super-smelly spicy vegetable.


The number of administrative categories occurred because there are a number of cities or districts in this state. There are also influences from other states or countries. One of the typical staples of Cuenca can be concluded that rice, cassava, nodal, and vegetables are vegetables from fried foods.

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