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 APRA  Uprising in West Java in 1950 was intended

The rise of APRA  in West Java in  1950 was very objective.   Several parties have called the  uprising  one  of  the  bloodiest  incidents in  West Java province; at the time  there was a mass murder  that led to a large number of deaths.

In the past, there have  been  many forms of attacks, this includes the  attack in Sulawesi.  Until  the 1950s that west Java province  was underway.   The attack was directly led  by  the westerling captain.   He, along with APRA (Angkatan War Ratu Adil) along with 800 people, committed a series of atrocities.

 APRA’s Heinous Heinous rebellion    in western Java

The bloody attack  on victims of APRIS members  was led by Piere Westerling.   It was in  the 1950s that an  attack took place.   Certainly  did  it in January 23.   The report says Westerling has 500 thousand soldiers set up a secret service  .

It was handed over directly by JM Verburgh  , who is a police officer from the Netherlands  .   It received the report  and said the intelligence agency was named Ratu Adil Persatuan Indonesia.   Meanwhile, the organization has an armed unit.   This is called APRA.

The rise of APRA  in Western Java in 1950 was specifically intended; when it was established, Wiesling contacted the Dutch army commander, Bucharest Day Wirin.   The meeting was convened by Westerling  to discuss plans for a rebellion in President  Sukarno’s government.

Finally, when 1950 was January  5, Piere Westerling sent his ruling to  the RIS.   In fact, he requested that the RIS be respected like the Pasundan state.   He also asked the RIS to recognize apra as an armed force and  serve as a Pashunda army  .

However, it did  not  seem  to be responding.   Finally, he decided to carry out a coup.  Westerling and his followers shot dead troops they found.   Some of his soldiers, along with General Meijer, were brought to Jakarta   to carry out soekarno’s arrest.

APRA Uprising  in  West Java  in 1950 A.D.

This major uprising  in West  Java province was carried out after Indonesia became independent.   Opposition continued in places until  one  day  When Indonesia gained independence with its own hands.

However, there seems to be   debate  or issues emerging after independence was declared.  After all,  the  APRA rebellion in  West Java   in the 1950s was very objective.

  1. Maintaining RIS

The negotiations were carried out by Dutch colonists and the Republic of Indonesia and had been the party of the Republic of Indonesia that often suffered losses     .               For example, when negotiations such as  Linggarjati and Renville were negotiated,   but the Dutch side appeared to have refused.

Several have  been directing the Indonesian public.   However, there are those who want the RIS to remain.   They are supporters of APRA.  Supporters  of a unified state  ultimately cannot afford the APRA side

  1. Netherlands wants to secure indonesia

The rise of APRA  in West Java in 1950  was also intended to keep the Dutch safe in Indonesia;the existence of such capitals in Indonesia seems to have given them  great benefits.   They are funded by colonies to live.

Of course, the advantage soured by the Dutch side from various  sectors.   The APRA rebellion has also gone on as a way out to maintain its position in Indonesia  .

  1. Pasundan States could be maintained

Negara Federal Pasundan is actually part of  the RIS.   The site is located in the western province of Java.  The Dutch have supported him simultaneously with people who are not alongside the Republic of Indonesia  .   This was done with just one promise  to the Indonesian people.

  1. Establishment of the Constitution of the United States

The rise of APRA  in Western Java in 1950 was intended to form a government across the country  .   This is the main purpose of the establishment  of APRA.   This   is by  killing the major parties to kick off the action.

  1. Defending the Army on its own

Belanda also wants to have his own army in his state  .  Freedom to govern the land  .  Those who join APRA are soldiers who are not accepted into APRIS because they lack the requirements. Therefore, APRA  will be used as the main army in the  pasundan state.

Sadistic defeat by APRA

The rise of APRA  in West Java in 1950 had a very sad purpose.  This rebellion has created very deep wounds  . Bandung is like the city  of Mati in the early 1950s.   On the morning of January 23, 1950, the army moved several positions in Bandung.

The military is the leader of  Raymond Westerling, queen of APRA.   The movement has continued to be carried out by APRA forces.  They walk, ride on motorcycles, chips,  etc.   These soldiers would rebel against the people, seize goods, and carry out various kinds of torture.

The people of Bandung are scared.   All the stores were closed.   All the people tried to save themselves from the rebel forces  . The militants continued to subdue those who  confronted  each other on  the  Cimindi route to Cibereum.  All  the APRIS members  they found were killed.

Individuals who are ready to head to their base also do not escape their brutality.  Westerling, along with his soldiers, never wanted to shoot down the  APRIS  soldiers he met.  Not only did they pick up uh by being shot, APRIS soldiers were even cut off like animals.

Their  violent actions  killed at least 61 TNI soldiers  .   The  rise of APRA in West Java  in  1950 was intended to benefit  the  Dutch side as well as to make the innocent civilian uh 18  .   In fact no APRA  member  is a victim.   This incident turned Bandung  into a dead city.

ACK’s acceptance of APRA over n YaNg prosecution hurts heart

The very tragic events in Bandung have also been acknowledged by APRA  .    The group  has admitted carrying out the transfer of several types of military personnel to civilian personnel in Bandung.

After all, Westerling is looking at several key figures  in west Java province.    These  figures include  General Sadikin, General Soetoko as deputy  chief of  the Siliw Department, the ngi department, and General Mohamad Rivai as  the head of the military information department of the western  iv military governor Java.

The other four are   General Sentot Iskandardinata,  Lentan Colonel dr Errie Sudewo who is chief of staff  of the Siliwangi department, Sudjono, who is a Member  of the  Pasundan  State  Council but  a republican  candidate for the RI, and CPM Major Roehan Roesli.    The assassination plot went ahead by giving 7 people poison  .

But the attempt to kill by mixing the toxins in their  drinks  appears to have not been carried out n. This is because a member of the public was aware of the plan  from APRA, which is   very questionable.   Finally, they planned to carry out the live shooting  .   However,  it still does not work because each goal can escape  .

The serious actions  of APRA  can be a dark history for  Indonesia; in the post-independence era, many forms of rebellion have erupted, causing Indonesia to fall.   The rise of APRA in West Java  in 1950 was intended to weaken the Indonesian Republic and destroy its government.

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