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Call Center Service Information Built 24 Hours Free of Charge

BNI’s 24-hour call center service is one of the efforts to make it easier for each customer as a commitment from one of the government companies. Financial services are indeed quite interesting because at the moment not many people can manage their finances. The result is not the savings achieved, but instead the waste.

Keeping money in the bank can indeed say that it is very safe and reliable. In addition to having a  good management system  , status as one of the state’s businesses becomes its jaminan. This bank is one of the business entities that is managed and run under strict government supervision.

It is worth noting that this bank has been established for quite some time and has become a bank that was set up during independence. A long history of how  financial management has made it has a strong foundation to date. No wonder Bni currently has large assets with millions of customers across Indonesia.

With a long history and commitment to provide the best service, the 24-hour call center service is one form of this commitment. It has many goals and is certainly able to provide solutions in the midst of problems encountered by customers. The presence of nya provides a sense of security and comfort to every customer of the bank.

An overview of the history of the Bni bank

Bank Nasional Indonesia or BNI has been established since 1946 after Indonesia became independent. This bank then continues to develop quite quickly because it has a good system. In addition, the services provided to each customer make it have a strong foundation. A few years later his name became widely known to the public.



The 46 logo currently used by this bank is due for the year of its establishment in 1946. This logo is an identity that BNI is one of the nation’s product banks. This can be seen after the independence of raising a financial service and now belongs to the government.

Interestingly again, in 1992 he received a new legal status as one of the listed companies. A public company is a company whose share ownership can be owned by the wider community. Along with BNI’s 24-hour call center service, this legal status is good news for many people.

This bank’s share offer was then immediately requested by many people. A special look at the long-standing foundation with a  good management system  . BNI can also be said to be the first bank to achieve open status. Therefore, the development and services offered are quite satisfactory for customers.

24-Hour BNI Call Center Service

To support services to each customer, closeness to everyone is required. Call centre services are a form of closeness that is carried out in order to provide a sense of security and comfort. Moreover, it is not uncommon for clients to have certain problems that make them not understand about financial services.

Having a one stop one solution as a motto that aims to be present to provide a good service to everyone. You can enjoy this service for a full 24 hours and can be accessed from any region. You can get a lot of information about products and facilities easily here.

You can contact this 24-hour BNI call center service via phone without the need for an area code. You can call directly 1-5000-46 directly from your personal mobile phone. If you use a mobile phone, you can also call the number 68-888. It is quite easy because it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

In addition, you can submit complaints via e-mail and fax services. It is enough to send to the email address specified Meanwhile, if you use a fax, you can use the number 021-25541203. Of course, this facility called bNI call helps every problem you have.

Interestingly, each call uses an end-to-end system. This means that any problems the customer has will be solved without sending a call. The problem can be solved at a certain time quickly without calling forwarding. However, if the problem is related to a special issue, it is usually transferred to the surrounding branch office.

Written and Oral Complaints Procedure

BNI’s 24-hour call center service is the spearhead for a company to be close to customers. While the procedure itself can be carried out in two ways, namely written and oral. Each complaints procedure generally has almost the same system. The only difference is the method used by the customer himself.

If you use the written procedure, then you need to visit the official website. Then enter the Kami Cubengi menu. Here you can write any complaints experienced and wait for answers from the bank. The reply is usually sent to the client’s email address directly if there is a solution.

You can also use the BNI’s e-mail and fax addresses to submit any complaint. You can get an answer for a while after submitting a complaint. There are also other ways if you want to get an answer as soon as possible. You can go to the nearest branch office and then raise the problem.

In addition to the written method, customers can take advantage of the oral method with 24-hour BNI call center services. It is enough to call the number 1-5000-46 anytime, anywhere without worry. But for this call you will later be charged a call fee. The amount of nyes depends on the provider you are currently using.

Later the officer records and provides receipt of the registration of complaints to the client. The official will then deliver the results of the complaint whether it can be resolved immediately or not. If not then it will take some time and he will be asked to come back later to receive the resolution of the complaint he has experienced.

BNI 46 Facilities and Products

As a financial service provider that already has a long lifespan, there are obviously several facility products provided to everyone. Each product of the facility can be accessed through the services of the BNI call center 24 hours. This is in order to accommodate and accommodate every element of society to receive the same services.

The first product is called BNI Taplus with an initial deposit requirement of IDR 500 thousand for the area abodetab you. Meanwhile, prospective clients from outside Jabodetabek require an initial deposit of Rp. 250 thousand. In addition, several important documents such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, certificates of domicile, to KITAS are also required.

There is also a BNI Taplus Bisnis product that is very suitable for use by prospective actors or entrepreneurs. Some of the facilities that will be obtained are detailed information about the cash flow at the end of the month and much more. The requirements in the form of id cards and initial deposits are Rp. 1 million.

There are also youth product facilities such as students and so on through BNI Taplus Muda. This facility is divided by age levels, i.e. 15 to 17 years and 17 to 25 years or the first category but married. While the requirements are also almost the same as other products.

As one of the largest financial services providers in Indonesia, BNI 46 is certainly active in offering various conveniences. Not just from products and facilities for customers. But also other services that can be accessed at any time. One of them is through BNI 24-hour call center services.