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Apple Service Center, Iphone Repair Center with Original Components

Apple service center is an Iphone repair service center with original and certified spare parts. Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company based in California. Not only does Iphone, this company also presents a variety of other electronic items, such as PCs, laptops, Ipads etc.

Apple is becoming an electronic item that is requested by the public. Furthermore, the innovations of this product are also a benchmark for other electronic companies. This brand is increasingly controlling the electronic market with various types that are always balanced and present the latest features.

This product founded by Steve Jobs is known to be of high quality and has certain spare parts from the Jobs company. There are now more and more imitation products with low sales prices, but we have to be careful because the Apple service center only serves genuine products.

A journey from 1976 to now

Apple Inc. is a multinational company that now produces a wide range of technologically advanced products. Because it has a different work culture like its competitors, it wasa company n start-up or a startup. Start-up companies have a different working buday than companies in general.

However, due to these differences, this company has employees or employees with high abilities depending on their fields. The electronics company was founded in April 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. At first these three founders sold the Apple-1 computer made by Steve Wozniak.


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Then in 1977 the company Apple Computer Inc. was officially founded. The fast selling of products has made this company a success. However, due to the high selling price, it caused disputes within the company. This led to Wozniak and Jobs resigning.

After resigning, he suffered a setback until Jobs finally returned to serve as CEO in 1997. Jobs reorganized the company’s performance, and in 2001 Jobs began opening retail stores and acquiring software and hardware companies, as well as starting to establish an Apple service center.

In 2007 it had a big advantage from its sales and began to have a wide range of products such as ipod, iphone, Mac, ipad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and various other hardware and software. In 2011 jobs died down, and at the same time it became a new era of tech companies.

Apple Inc. Products are Quality and Certified

After launching the first generation of computers, the products of this company began to develop and gave rise to the latest innovations with high-quality hardware and software. The products launched include iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Watch, TV, HomePod, Software, and Power.

  1. iPhone

In 2007 Jobs launched a smart phone, the iPhone, the first generation iPhone was produced with a capacity of 4 GB and 8 GB. Then in 2008 its capacity was enlarged to 16 GB. This first generation product uses the Mac OS X operating system.

Mac OS X later evolved into iOS. iPhone has features to help its users. The first generation of iPhones has been equipped with GPS trackers so far developed  in the iPhone 12 pro Max.

  1. iPad

iPad is a tablet computer launched in 2010. iPad presents a variety of unique features that can help consumers. An iPad is a combination of computers and smartphones, so a variety of features can be applied. The iPad that has evolved to date is the iPad Pro 12.9.

  1. iPod

The iPod is  a pore table music player product from Apple. This product can be used to play music anywhere and at any time according to the wishes of its users. a portable iPod is now increasingly in demand on the market, the latest product is the iPod Touch. An iPod can also be taken to an Apple service center  if it requires repairs.

  1. Apple Watch

Apple watch is a product that is loved by children. This product is a smartwatch that has a variety of support applications, such as digital timers, health problem indicators, sports recorder features, etc. So far, it has innovated into a call receiver feature. Its newest product is the Series type.

Apple Servic Center, Tiswija u Servizz iPhone

The Apple service center is a place to repair all types of original products. You can repair your iPhone, iPad, iPod, TV, Watch and other products without worrying about the quality of the repair, because all the technicians in this service center have been trained by the official company.

The service provided by technicians has high quality and genuine spare parts. This repair center is supported directly by the company. In addition to having experts and quality and certified products. This service provider is also guaranteed, here are some services from Apple.

  1. Repairs of various types, such as screen repairs, changing baterai, and various other types of repairs such as in other support buttons that are damaged by accessories or other liquids.
  2. Original components, you don’t have to worry about visiting a people service center, because the spare parts offered are original components.
  3. This company provides warranty protection for one year from the purchase of the product or accessories.

Repair services also provide services for sudden repairs. Contact the service centre for information about this repair service. This Apple service will contact the consumer when the repair is  complete, you can also confirm that the cost of repairing the iPhone is controlled, so that you can find out the costs that will be incurred.

Latest Apple Inc. Products.

Since its emergence, Apple Inc. has launched a product with the latest innovations that present unique features in it. These latest products are also equipped with Apple service center facilities  if they later require repairs, so they are harmless or make it difficult for consumers. The latest products are the iPhone 12, Apple Watch 6 Series, etc.

  1. iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone SE was officially launched in April 2020, before there was a product of the same name in 2016, but this type carries the latest specifications. iPhone SE has a 12 MP resolution camera and a selfie camera or 7 MP front camera.

  1. iPhone 12

This  latest luminescent product  is madona pri for tech lovers. Dual front and rear cameras with a resolution of 12 MP, this product already carries 5G connectivity.

  1. iPad Air 4’th Gen

This product is the latest iPad series with Bionic A14 chipset specifications, the screen frame is thinner than the iPad Pro with a widescreen panel, the screen area is 10.9 inches. This 4th generation iPad Air is priced at just 10 million.

The latest other products   that are no  less great are the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and the iPad 8th Gen 2020. Apple always presents the latest innovations to the world of technology and internet networks. In addition, to make it easier for its users, this company also provides Apple Service Center.